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Driving Impactful Change: Our Projects in Rural Development

At DIU, we are committed to generating evidence-based insights and driving transformative change in rural India. Our projects focus on key sectors such as education, healthcare, livelihoods, and more. Explore our ongoing and completed initiatives that harness the power of data analysis and policy formulation to create lasting impact and improve the lives of communities in rural areas.


Empowering rural communities through data-driven solutions and innovative interventions.

Millet Survey

National Millet Consumption Survey

Education Survey

State of Education in Rural India


State of Healthcare in Rural India

Marginal Farmers

Annual Survey for Marginal Farmers

Consumer Sentiment Survey

Consumer Sentiment survey

Rural Entrepreneur

Insights into rural entrepreneurship

Completed Projects

Successfully driving positive change with evidence-based strategies and transformative outcomes.

Rural Quality of Life Index

Rural ThinkInsight Series- Excerpts from Consumer Sentiment Survey

Rural ThinkInsight Series- Excerpts from Annual Marginal Farmer Survey

Rural ThinkInsight Series- Excerpts from Rural Entrepreneurship Survey Report

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