The Rural Analytic Centre (TRAC)

The platform called The Rural Analytic Centre (TRAC) is envisaged to be a clearing-house of rural information in a user-friendly manner addressing needs of diverse clients- public, private and civil society. Through this joint initiative, Sambodhi and TRIF seek to bring rural in the focus and furthering the field of rural analytics for advocacy, positioning and informing. Through high end analytics on contemporary issues, it is envisaged that TRAC will help in shaping the discourse around rural developmental issues.

One stop solution for data, analytics and developmental discourse

With the vision of being a one-stop solution for all development related datasets, TRAC will create an online public data system that will offer a number of data analytics and data visualization features to the users. TRAC will house a vast online database consisting of cross-sectoral information for all levels including national, state, district, sub-district and villages. TRAC will also actively engage its audience by coming up with weekly analytics and thematic perspectives on contemporary developmental issues. TRAC will also trigger discussions on thematic issues backed by insightful analysis to present a holistic viewpoint and to help create a clear picture of a sector landscape.

The idea behind the analytics and visualization imperatives of TRAC is to bring developmental data to the forefront of the conversation by making analysis and visualization appealing and easier to interpret.

Good Data, Good Insights make Good Decisions

The primary objective of TRAC is to increase the use and uptake of data through a strong online database at its background and a user-friendly and appealing analytics and visualization platform at the forefront. The vast database and the visualization forefront will be intertwined with insights by sector experts and analysts immersed in analysis and understanding of the contemporary developmental issues. TRAC envisions to create a need for data based visualization, insights, perspectives and quality data itself from the development sector. It is envisaged that through its efforts, TRAC will be able to contribute significantly to bringing the conversation around development to the forefront while strengthening it with quality data, state of the art analytics and in-depth perspectives.