Consumer satisfaction with accessing health services in rural India

In rural India visiting a government health facility when one needs to consult a health practitioner is not as ubiquitous as one would assume. A survey, carried out by the Development Intelligence Unit reveals that only in 57% of the cases has this been the preferred treatment seeking behaviour.

Consumer satisfaction with accessing education services in rural India

School education forms the backbone of India’s labour force. Eighty-six per cent of India’s labour force comprises those with education till Class 12 or below, which implies that a major portion of the workforce carries out their livelihood on the basis of the skills learnt from school.

Insights into Rural Entrepreneurship

The average number of households where there was someone who was running a business enterprise was 6.3%. Nearly 62% of rural businesses are retail trading outlets. Nearly 9 out of 10 rural businesses are first-generation enterprises.

India’s Consumer Sentiment – May/June 2022

Given that 2021 was a tough year in terms of COVID-related disruptions, close to half of the earners confirmed that there has been some sort of economic recovery. However, the recovery was ten percentage points higher in urban areas than in rural.

Quality diet still elusive to many in rural India

The average Individual Dietary Diversity Score (IDDS) was 4.20 out of a total possible score of 12. This means an average rural household could only consume 4-5 out of the 12 food groups for a balanced diet in the last 24 hours.